3 games for the price of 1...BUY IT.. BUY IT NAO

almost 2 years after elder scrolls 4 was released, i decided to buy the GOTY for a steal of 30 bucks off of amazon... first of all, this game is still amzaing. when i first played over a year ago, i thought the same. there is so much to do, so much customization, etc. the atmosphere in general is aboustly amazing. when u r onthe loading screen, the music is fantastic, almost depressing. i have spent many long nights riding a hoarse in the middle of the night listening to the music. and it doesnt get old. although there are a multitude of technical issues, u can ignore it and see what the game really is. a vast open world rpg in which u can do anything.

i got the game 2 days ago, on June 17. after playing this gmae before for around 100-200 hours,and putting in 8 hours so far, i can safely say this game is still the best. better than fallout 3 even. the story is interesting, as it deals with saving an empire from a cult. the weapons and armor are varied, and there is a seveal classes to choose from. these include orcs, elves, lizards (lol), nords, redguards, imperials, etc. there are hundreds of quests to do apart from the main quest, so even if u beat the main, there is still lots to do.