A great game. Recomended for any war or fantasy game player.

Black and White is a geate game where you can be good, or evil. Gain villages belief by cursing them with destruction or showering them with mircicles.

One of the most important things is Black and White, is your creature. You get a challange indicated by a Silver (minor) or Gold (major) Scroll. You have to find 3 gate stones, to open a gate. Then you go through the gate and find 3 creatures. A Monkey the Inteligent , a Tiger the Strong, and a Cow the noble. But you can only keep one. Once you have picked your creature you can train it to fish, chop wood, cast miricles and many more. You can train it Using the leash of inteligence. The lease can be used to direct your creature. There are 2 other leashs. The leash of Compasion that makes your creature friendly, and the leash of Aggresion that makes your creature not friendly.

You can throw stuff around or pick stuff up using your kand. Then hand in kind of like a cursor. You will find your self going through many tasks, battling many Gods. But if you dont feel like going with the story line just play a skirmish game. but the one problem with the game is the fact its almost imposible to do an online game.

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