User Rating: 10 | Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne PC
If there was a third person shooter out there that did it right, it would be Max Payne 2. This is by far the best shooter I have played yet. The graphics alone just blew me away! So much detail in the game, it just makes you want to stare at some of the features, such as the Fun House. Of course you don’t want to sit there and admire the gorgeous graphics while getting shot at. Another feature that I was impressed with was the rag-doll effects. I love throwing a grenade into a group of enemies and watch them fly across the room like a “rag doll”. There is no clipping issues either. I remember in the first Max Payne I sometimes would see the enemy that I shot either floating or laying half way in and out of a wall or door. Not in this sequel. If the enemy lands on an object, such as a paint can or box they are slumped over and not laying flat on it. The environment is pretty cool. You can knock chairs or stacks of boxes down. You also could kick a paint can off a balcony (or shoot it off just for fun). Just about anything that is in the room you can knock over or shoot. Now, what about “Bullet Time”? All I have to say is the new and improved bullet time is AWSOME. I am not even going to describe it for you. You will have to buy this game and see it for yourself. And for you parents out there, this is not a game for your kids. Its rated M for Mature This game is worth the asking price of $50. It deserves a 10 out of 10.