I finished the game twice.Such intensity and thrill.I will never forget this experience.MAX RULES!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne PC
GAMEPLAY - Gameplay in Max Payne 2 : The Fall Of Max Payne is more or less the same as in the original.But Max is now much stronger and faster.
He wont die every now and then.To help you ought you still have the " BULLET TIME".This is probably the most strongest appeal for Max Payne games.Bullet time is also much more fun this time around.It has a grim feel to it.You can also " DODGE" bullets now.There is a wide range of realistic weapons thus adding to realism in the game.
Also this time its much more difficult as the enemies are much more smarter.They hide for covers and attack in groups.
In order to have replay value there are different settings like " HARD - BOILED", DETECTIVE, NEW YORK MINUTE , DEAD MAN ALIVE...Each of which are fun.
All in all the Gameplay is pretty decent but what makes it different from other action games is the " BULLET TIME" which makes the game just freaking awesome.

GRAPHICS - When compared to the original Max Payne this game has been massively upgraded with more detailed characters and environments.
The new Ragdoll physics has also been added which is just superbly done.
The textures are just brilliant and particle effects are too good.
Although the characters may look repetative, environments are not.
Adding to the brilliant graphics is once again the " BULLET TIME".
Combine a Spectacular dive through a window with the bullet time you'll see every chunk of the shattering glass falling with a clunk on the surface,
And of course all of this is presented in third person so you get to see evry bit of stuntwork.And guess what, the end result is a superbly designed gunplay sequence which gives you a feel which no other action game can come close to.

SOUND - This game has the BEST VOICE ACTING ever.And believe me when i say BEST EVER.Its just awesome.Every character is brought to life because of the excellent voice acting.
Max Payne 2 also has a very good theme song which also plays at some points during the game.
There are few musical themes which play during the cutscenes and some very intense shootouts.

THE GOODS - Bullet Time , Rich Storyline , Fantastic Voice acting , Good Visuals specially during gunfights , Well Crafted Cutscenes (The Graphic Novel),Sound effects and music.

THE BAD - Short game

The Fall Of Max Payne does a fabulous job of storytelling and has some of the most memorable characters in gaming history.Its a game which is genuienely a top quality entertainer.
Max Payne 2 is a sequel worthy of praise.With its extremely rich story and hard hitting dialogues Max Payne 2 will be remembered for many years to come.