Amazing, Spectacular, need to say more?

This game is highly very addictive, it's one of the best game of it's genre, and no i'm not being a homer either. The story revolves again around to Drake and his new girlfriend, Chloe. He is set up to find another great treasure, and that adventure is-not-be-miss!. I'm telling you, this game is like watching a MOVIE!, that's right, it's that good. It's like you just want to let the game play by itself, and just watch it yourself, but of course, playing it is better!. There are some downside in this game, like being too short.. Haha

Spoilers!**, The best part of this game for me is when you're in that ruined city, and almost everything there is hide able, and you can use the city as an advantage for Drake.

Also best graphics so far!, this game is just fantastic, revolutionary graphics and the game play is just awesome, well some small quirks like what to climb or what not. But overall, this game freaking awesome.

And the multilayer is just a bonus to this game, so if you own a PS3, better get this game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!. :]