Different but Exciting and Addictive ... It is done right, almost

Heroes VI is an outcome of 15 years of development and designing by adding up previous five heroes and their expansions. Its a true Heroes Experience and I've really enjoyed it.
The leveling-up system have some similarities to King's Bounty and this is interesting. It makes the strategic (and Role-playing) aspect of the game more important.
I've installed the patch (1.1.1) that fixed the flicker and most of the bugs, so it is playable now.


- Good Hero level up system
- Artistic design & Interesting Units (mostly)
- Great graphic, visuals and battle scenes
- Great Story and Campaign
- Good sound Effects


- Boring Town screen and building level up
- Only five factions (especially no Fortress faction)
- Music is so similar to Heroes V
- Not enough charismatic Units