A different take on the 3rd Person genre, but does a fantastic job...

When playing through the original Killzone, I didn't really think much of it, yeah it was just another one of those first-person shooters, that...yes made my life more fun to an extent, but was a let down.
But however for this exclusive to PlayStation Portable version, when looking at it you think, would a FPS transfer to 3rd Person? Is that going to make a good game? Well as I have never played a 3rd Person Shooter before, I was quite surprised when I fired it up after buying it and I thought, well the graphics are brilliant, the textures on it are never all low quality, everything is sharp. The storyline to an extent is ok, the plot leaves you hanging on for a bit. The SFX on the game are brilliant, the particle effects just match up with everything around you. The aiming when I first bought this I thought, ahhhh what will the aim be like, will it be super hard to aim and be a waste of time or just go zap with the shoulder buttons and you just kill them with no real effort at all. I would say the controls are in the middle, they are automatic when near enemies the control's will lock on, but you still need to aim everything in the right direction.

I would say if you are a master of this game, you should get around 10 to 15 hours of game play out of this game, which is a fair amount, but reason said as this is a hand-held, this isn't really a game that you would play on the bus or the train to work, as the average mission time length spans out from 15 mins to 30 mins.

Killzone really have made a good transformation onto the PSP, and really, does a better job in 3rd Person than it does in 1st Person, and will make a good buy for any PSP owner, either your a fan of the series or a first time buyer, I would highly recommend this title, not just because the graphics are nice and polished for the PSP, but becuase you can get so much out of this game. The multi player is a little to be desired of, but is fun with half a dozen people. Anyone who has a PSP should own this game.

And if you still need to make up your mind, there is a free demo at the PSPstore.