The first Mass Effect finally arrives on PS3 but is it to late to go back to where it all started.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect PS3
Mass Effect 2 was ported over to PS3 in 2011 and Mass Effect 3 was a multiplatform game a year later but the original took 5 years to make it's appearance on PS3. Is it to late or should you save the galaxy.


You take the role of either a Male or Female Shepard hired as a Spectre to track down Saren and stop him from bring back the Reapers.With the help of team mates and different species you will need a lot of help to bring him down.


Mass Effect has you shooting getting into conversations and even travelling the Solar System for clues to leads to Sarens whereabouts. That doesn't mean to say that you can't look around other planets. In fact there's plenty of side missions that help you gain Credits which is the currency in the game and Levelling up your character.

The decisions you make in the game are key to later games to follow because you can either be a Renegade or a Paragon and this effects certain areas in the game and opens up different options later in the game and can sometimes help you out of difficult situations.

In terms of combat you get guns like Machine Guns,Sniper Rifles,Shotguns and Grenades but they aren't you only things in terms of combat. You get Biotic Powers which can destroy enemy shields,throw enemies and even stop them in there tracks. A problem with the guns is they sometimes overheat and can sometimes leave you open to attacks and some aren't as effective as others. In most planets you drive a Mako vehicle which gets you across land quicker but it can be a bit of problem to drive and it's weapons are not really required sometimes.

The game does have puzzles some are good like Hacking and some are just a pain like the one on Feroes. Sometimes also if you don't save often you can be sent way back so save frequently. Another problem is you can't continue like in number 2 after you done the final mission you are just taken back there.


The game looks amaazing on PS3 great attention to detail and great voice work as well. Every planet looks stunning.


You can get different outcomes through the Paragon and Renegade playthroughs and also there's plenty of planets to explore.

Overall Opinion

Even though it's been a long wait for PS3 owners it is worth going back in time and visiting the first Mass Effect to learn about how the sequels followed and see how the events of this game triggered events in the sequel.

Overall Score 9.5