Whats your favorite Mass effect game ?

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Whats your favorite Mass Effect game and why ?
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ME 1 and ME 2.Both ahd a good story and a funny gameplay.In ME1 i liked the paragon renegade option wich u could totaly change u gameplay depending on wich side u took.The weapon system was cool u didnt need any ammo or recharge on your gun just to pack some heat sinks and u could shoot like a maniac.In ME 1 u could play the story as u wanted,be a powerful biotic,engineer,soldier.Also the squad members where interesting and some of them funny ex Liara and Wrex.The story was nice and how it developed from a simple mission into something "grim" and i liked that u had 1 ending but u could make some important choices at the end.ME 2 was a bit different it was based on u squad members development and how you wanted them to develop.I liked that i could influence their decision at their loyalty mission to end good or bad,i choosed all good.Some elements from ME1 had made their appeareance in the game few major ones like saving the council,every1 saw humanity was ready to join the council,Wrex being still alive would change the fate of krogans permantly in ME3 but had some influence into ME2 too and also Udina as councilor.The new weapon system was nice having heavy weapons was a plus too but a minus cuz squad members could carry only 12 weapons and a precise set not what u wanted.Improving u ship,doing loyality missions,having a geth into u crew was nice also and the ending was influenced by the decisions u made.This was a big plus cosing to sacrifice all or save all,mistakes or good decision wich will end in a good ending where u save all u crew or a bad ending in losing all of u ppl cuz u rushed ahead.ME3 was good also i liked that no matter what type of char u used u could use all the weapons,new chars alot of new ways to finish u missions.I liked how all your decisions from previouse game blend perfectly in this one every step every mistake will cost u dearly.The bad thing was the lack of choices,bad ending,DLC on disc,and asking u to pay more to play.