Whats next? any help?

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Hi guys,

for the past year or so, i've been living under a rock, (school and stuff), so I finally started playing my xbox, and I just finished mass effect 3. I'm a die hard ME series fan, but because i was busy and all, I just finished the last game for the first time today. I wont go into the details as in the ending because I could go on a rant all night. I am nostalgic/depressed enough after tali's death, and some decisions I actually regret making. So my question for you guys is whats next? I chose the ending where i chose none of the options because I honestly couldnt see myself deciding the fate of the galaxy (honestly it was because I accidently shot the kid). Is there any DLC is ould buy because like I said, I don't know anything about the gaming world for about a year so which dlc should i get? What can I do know? Wait for a new Mass effect? Whats going?


Can you guys please help me on this, and I would love to hear about ur comments and experiences.


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save tali and the geth get the best ending in ME3.

Def get the citadel dlc and laviathin. Omega is kinda meh for me.

but i was happy with the director cut ending add on.

i saved the quarians and geth kept conrad alive etc.

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Definitely check out the Citadel DLC pack. It serves as a nice farewell to the characters and provides more opportunities to interact with both current and former crew mates, albeit being a bit goofy and having a different tone than the rest of the third game does (happy/carefree as opposed to serious). If you love the characters you really can't go wrong with it
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Sadly none of the endings are any good, just got the ending where all the races die by choosing nothing which left me feeling hollow honestly.