Unanswered Questions regarding plot, ending *SPOILERS*

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I'm a new Mass Effect fan i which i just finished ME3 over the weekend (last). Q1: Why do 99% the Reapers resemble the physical appearance of the Leviathans? I thought the Reapers took shape and form from the harvest form. According to the Leviathan DLC + with the new extended contented, the very first Reaper is Harbinger and its based on its previous life forms the Leviathans. Right? I understand how the important Reapers like Harbinger, Sovereign, and all the big capital ships look like Leviathans. The Catalyst said at the end that "the life forms that were harvest becomes the new Reapers". In ME2, why are they building a human Reaper, if 99% of Reapers already look like Leviathans/Harbinger? Why do humans get a Reaper God? Q2: In the war/harvest between the Leviathans and the Reapers, why didn't the Leviathans use their amazing powers to destroy the Reapers or even try to fight back? Was the Reapers attack just too quick which left the Leviathans no chance of fighting back? In the Leviathan DLC we see a cut scene of Leviathans using a pulse that destroyed the Reaper easily... also it had the mind control to control brutes. In human history of war, we can get smashed, but have the heart to fight back. Example W.W.II. Hilter and Germany launched an attack on Poland and at first days Germany was clearly winning against France and England. The allies fought back and won W.W.II. The Americans got absolutely smashed at the start of W.W.II where Japan launched an air attack on Pearl Harbor, but look what happen at the Japanese at the end of the war. Q3: What ever happen to the human council? In ME2 (if you choose to leave the council in ME1) at the opening TIM said "humans may control the council, but Shepard is still our best hope" and at the Citadel where you were suppose to meet the new council, it was clearly stated in ME2 that the human council was present. What happen? Where did they go? But in ME3 no matter what choices you made you still get an alien council (Asari, Turian and Salarian). If you save the council, you'll get the original council members, but if you left the council to die you'll just get a nicer versions of the council. Truly pathetic !!! Q4: Why was the Rachni so important to ME3? According to BioWare "Rachni plays an huge part in ME3" How? More like a guess appearance only... You save the Rachni queen in ME1 and in ME2 there is an Asari messenger that sends Shepard a message regarding news of the Rachni Queen. In ME3 the queen is kidnapped and you have to save her again... again? I guess the important word BioWare likes to use is "HUGE" which as the opposite effect (very small) which has a direct relation to BioWare's male gentials... lmfao Q5: How was the 1st day DLC Ashes plays so perfectly with the entire ME3 game? Perfect example: You bring Javik with Liara to Thessa and dialogues and the way it plays out so well. BioWare released a statement saying "ohh they promised they didn't plan the 1st day content (Ashes) and then said something along the lines of "ohh its so hard to know when to release DLC's, fans want the DLC straight away". I'm with Cliffy where he said "way to go BioWare on the 1st day dlc (that charges money and play an important part in the entire game).
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Answer to Q1:They where experimenting with the new reaper form as you saw in ME2 and they failed due to its destruction and because of that they forfeit the new reaper form and they stick to the original template,as HArbinger says in ME2:You have failed us we will find another way,Releasing control" so he is aware that human reaper is a failed experiment,humans where considerated genetical superior to other races (dunno why) and thats why they where building the supreme Reaper.Anothe answer could be that Leviathan doesnt know about the experiment cuz was destroyed before they where aware.

Q2:There where only 3 Leviathans and all 3 where needed to destroy a Reaper and they coudnt destroy the Whole Reaper armada only them.If you read the description of the Dominate power it is stated that after prolongued use the power becomes useless on the same subject,due to Reaper indoctrination.

Q3:They forfeit the power domination due to the bad reputation of humans cuz Shepard left the council to die and they where considerated an bad example and to avoid war they left the power domination.If you notice in ME2 other races are more hostile towards you if you killed the council and some wont cooperate withoug paragon or renegade action,if council lives there will be the oposite effect.

Q4:hmm the breeder will defenetly betray you and kill your soldiers and will create another rachni war.The queen will help you build the Crucible.That is the only bad and good thing so idk  perhaps is a big change in the ending without EC dlc but i dont see an meaningfull sense.

I hope i answered to your questions.If you have q post them :P

Q5:It was part of the original game.They ripped the content and made it dlc.I cant see the game without that DLC all of those stuff goes too well together.

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sorry for the late reply.... thanks for taking the time.