So... the Galaxy War Map. Did EA just say **** it or what?

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Electronic Arts....Electronic ARTS.. LMAO OOO THATS FUNNY!! lol.. anyway... my galaxy war map... it doesnt work. At all. At first i was in and out. Sometimes it would show and the next time not at all. Failed to load map. BUT as of the past few days rolled by i have NOTHING. The map wont work at all.Multiplayer works just fine with the occasional disconnect. But I noticed im not getting awarded galactic readiness points anymore. So... i have no more reason to play this game. I decided to start playing again after Omega and Leviathan came out and to get my war points i need MP. That doesnt work anymore, so... yea. I guess EA doesnt have enough of our money just yet to upkeep their servers. Makes sense. Gotta have that 10th lear jet now right? Makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

... i hate these people... i just hate them SO much. Its also good to know that there is nothing worth mentioning game wise in EA's future. Therefore i will not be purchasing anything from now on with the EA logo on it. Mass Effect 4 will fail. IF that EA logo is on the bottom right of the box. Sorry, but its true.. O well right?

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Yeah, it was a mistake having multiplayer in the game to begin with, but forcing players to continually play it to maintain a high war rating when the two modes shouldn't affect one another is absurd.  War assets don't really affect the ending, though, buddy, so I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.

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my GR map always worked fine.
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You don't have to have anything multiplayer or DLC related to get the best ending to the game.  All you have to do is beat the standard game with 100% completion rating. Every tedious collection and side quest must be completed to max out your bar. OR you could just cheat which is simple enough, just use google.

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Extended cut dlc (free) also reduced significantly the points required to have all endings, if you are not getting 4 options at the end of the game or if one of those options is worse then expected then you aren't even trying to play the game, after the extended cut it's actually hard to get a "bad" ending version, possibly as hard as it is the get killed in ME2 collector base. While i understand the issue and while i know bioware lied when they released the game, they fixed the points required to see all endings in the extended cut dlc. If you have omega and leviathan then just donwload the extended cut.