MULTIPLAYER No equipment mode...

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I think that the host should have the option to turn equipment off for multiplayer matches. I get really frustrated when one of my teammates pulls out his rocket launcher to kill an enemy that we can kill with weapons/powers. Sometimes your looking forward to a good fight and BOOM!!! all the enemies disappear. The host should have the option to turn off equipment for a 10% XP bonus similar to that when you pick random enemies. Thoughts???
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Unbelievably stupid. Unless you're only p laying bronze, playing with no equipment whatsoever will screw you or your team over at one point. Just sounds like you're mad because someone stole experience from you that in the long run doesn't matter.

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i dont think so. If your any good you can play silver and gold without equipment and do fine. But people abuse equipment, adding the option of turning it off wouldnt hurt anyone. If you dont like it then you dont have to play with it but its just an option.