Mass Effect 3 ending Extended Cut

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ok so long story short the new ending was good for em at least. I wish I hadn't gotten mad and sold all of my copies of the sereis, now with that extended ending I feel like I need to go back and play the entire trilogy again which I will do and rebuy them. This ending put the faith back into it. for one I caught some things this time around after not focussing on how horrible the ending was. I felt my desision to destroy the reapers was perhaps not the best. I loved how it showed in just breif moments of what happened to the characters, which leaves me to continue that there could be some added things if things were done differetnly. BioWare need this ending in the first place and I look foward to the day that Mass Effect 4 comes out I just hope its not an MMO. I'm down with a sequal or a prequal showing the events of the first contact war.

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What did the ending solve? Really? It was a lazy bandaid solution and turned a HORRIBLE ending to just a bad ending where you at least know what happened. Don't worry about buying the games again. All your choices boil down to which color of laser the Citadel is going to shoot and what cheesy variety of 1-2 minute dialogue you're going to get with the drawings Bioware tacked together with it.
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For me the extended cut just confirmed what I already got from the original ending.  That Shepard died (mostly) and he did it to not only save the whole goddamn galaxy but to make it better with the synthesis.  They could have put a bit more time into the new ending but it was still good in my opinion.  It also completely debunked that stupid Indoctrination Theory that I thought was complete lunacy.