Having multiplayer DLC & challenges issues - need help!

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Hey yall, hope someone can help me with my multiplayer issues Issue #1 - I can't access any of the MP DLC I download ie: none of the maps. I have the basic 5 maps but can't play any of the others including the new "Reckoning". I do wonder if this directly relates to my 2nd issue... Issue #2 - I can't partake in any of the challenges! I will get notifications when I log into multiplayer but the "challenge" option doesn't appear on my multiplayer menu and I can't for the life of me figure out why! I have an xbox live account, I can play all the standard maps online fine, with other players. The only issue i can think of is that my gamertag is associated with New Zealand even though I am living in the United Kingdom. It's all starting to annoy me now as I would love play but I can't which is rendering my live account kind of useless. Any help would be appreciated