Even with 5000+ EMS cannot get best ending in Mass Effect 3? (WARNING: SPOILERS)

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Hi, I am playing on PC. The copy is legitimate. But my internet speed is only 56Kbps, so cant play multiplayer. Before "Ordering Fleets to Earth", I replaced a Local_Profile.save file in my saved games folder, with another Local_Profile.save file I got from the net. Now, my Total Military Strength is 5207(as before), and Galactic Readiness is 100% so my EMS is 5207. I completed the game with it, but in the end, there were no options for Synthesize, and even after Destroying Reapers, Shephard dies. That is, I still dont get the perfect ending. What went wrong and How do I get the perfect ending without playing again??
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The save has bad choices in it.Choices like Wrex dies by your hand and lost krogan suport,some side quest wich MATTER alot arent done like to low prothean info deciphered,or to few ships,for ex: no quarian but u have geth or viceversa,no salarian aid cuz u got their councilor dead and u cured genophage.Cerberus has Grisson Academy,fighter base so on.So u have actually half of that EMS that counts the other part doesnt count due to bad choices ingame...at least that is my opinion.So u need to replay it or import some saves from previouse games ME 1 and ME 2 but on paragon ending,it kinda matters alot for ex saving wrex,rachni queen matters alot (paragon choices)

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Try this website if you dont want to play through again and be sure to pick a complete Paragon character that way you will have the best chance for getting the synthesis ending.


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^^In a way, synthesis is NOT the 'best' ending. The only way you'll get that Easter Egg cutscene is if you choose destroy.

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Easter egg? i presume the one that major Coats,Anderson,Random marine ,Vega, random N7 guy lives?Wich one is cuz u arent certain that is Shepard due to brilliant BW design.

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Save editor > change 1 war asset to 10000, save > load modded save