Lots of memorable moments, great gameplay and characters

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 2 PC
I played Mass Effect 1 and although it was a great and revolutionary Action RPG, Bioware somehow managed up our gaming experiences in ME2. You again, plays as Commander Shepard and out to save the galaxy against the Reaper. There are a lot of memorable moments and a lot of decisions to make which will affect ME3 story should you decide to import your ME2 Saves. There are also a selection of quality DLCs such as Lair of The Shadow Broker & Overlord (2 of the best DLCs and should be played after ME2 End Game), Arrival & Price of Vengeance also add something to the game. The only pity is that you won't have Ashley and Liara as your crew members but the new dossiers did a fantastic jobs at filling in the gaps.

All in all, the game is highly addictive and could take you 60 hours+ to finish all the missions including DLCs and side quests on Hardcore difficulty. I also think that ME2 is best in the series.