Excellent RPG but ME1 seemed better

User Rating: 8 | Mass Effect 2 X360
ME2 is a great sequel, maintaining the standards set by ME1. In a gameplay perspective, there does seem to be more depth in this one. However for a RPG, much of that lies in the story, the voice acting, music, etc. ME2 doesn't disappoint though the start is a bit slow. It's not like ME1 where you get this heroic entrance and you're shoved straight into it. ME2 actually bored me for the first couple of hours but it pays off later.

I'm not sure if EA had anything to do with this but I am a little disappointed with the standard of the dialog... it feels kinda cheap / sleazy at some points, particularly the romance pieces. The shooter aspects of it also seemed harder to get accustomed to unlike ME1. I mean it's good in a way but I sorta feel like the developers are selling out a bit trying to grab a broader audience. I just hope they don't stuff up ME3 with a lot of sex and voilence.

I also noticed heaps of bugs on Insanity level. Wonder what happened there?!