Mass Effect 2 is an immersive and stunning game play experience that surpasses its predecessor.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 2 PC
Mass Effect 2 (ME2) is the highly anticipated sequel to Mass Effect. I'm sometimes tentative about picking up a sequel to a great game but, as soon as I started playing ME2 I realized in this case my doubts were unwarranted. ME2 picks up the story line where Mass Effect left off. Your choices throughout ME1 impact the entire game play experience of ME2. This along with your continued decision making in combat and dialogue situations provide for a truly profound gaming experience. Don't fear if you didn't play ME1 Bioware has incorporated a very clever system so that you may still make some of the major game play decisions in ME1 effect your personalized story in ME2. One of ME1's most appealing attributes was the immersive character development coinciding with a well told and written storyline. These features are not lost amongst the visually stunning game engine, superb soundtrack, and audio work. One of the downsides of ME1 was its controls and user interface which have been completely revamped for ME2 providing for greater functionality and better user control. The annoying system of gathering resource has also been removed being replaced with a planet scanner system which can still be time consuming at time but is not nearly as tedious. The only two downsides to ME2 are weapon variety and bonus content. The loot system has been changed so that most enemies drop ammunition for the guns you currently use instead of their weapons. This makes finding a new weapon rather rare. Bioware and EA have continued with their selling of "bonus content" after the game is released. Through and through ME2 is the continuation of a great story told in an expansive and beautifully depicted scfi environment.