Best game I have ever played, honestly!

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 2 PC
What is there to add... So much has been said about Mass Effect 2. Just wanted to add that this game has to be one of the best games ever. Story is, by far, the best I have seen in years. The game-play is very smooth and the Gfx are perfect....

If you have played Mass Effect, you know that the story is not yet completed. The import feature in ass Effect 2, that lets you import your ME1 character is awesome. Because of this, you will not be lost in this huge universe. The decisions you took in Mass Effect 1 will reflect in Mass Effect 2 (and hopefully in Mass Effect 3). The characters in the game are very well interpreted and you really feel, like you know them. Social relations are very well done, and at the end, if you like, you even fall in love with one of the crew. Every single character is fascinating, since you get to help them during missions. In that way you get an even more in-depth view on the different backgrounds of the characters.

I have never experienced any game, other then Vampire: Bloodlines, with such an amazing and well developped story.

This is by far my favourite game. And I have been playing video games since Pacman was #1....

Get it, play it and continue your story in Mass Effect 3. Can't wait to get my hands om Mass Effect 3.