Best game i ever played.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 2 PC
Me2 is a remarkable creation, it hooks you from the moment you start. the plot builds its momentum as it reveals in a steady pace. you have many places to explore and you never get the feeling you been to the same place twice. the characters interactions are memorable. the gameplay is fluid and fun. and the world and lore will keep you many days pondering. no matter how much you get of it. it always live you wanting for more.

You are the director and actor of the game. your actions have meaning and impact. this greatly strengthen your resolve as you fight your way through different enemies. the pressure to be perfect is always there. but take heart for there are also a lot of moment of comic relief to keep your from over streching yourself. the muscal scores are amazing i still train and box to the main theme and more often than not ends up wounded due to high levels of andrenaline it managed to pump in me. best scfi piece out there. highly recommended!