i need help

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i just got done with mass effect 1 and wonna start on mass effect 2 but how do i take the one from mass effect 1 and play on mass effect 2?
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i really want to help, but i have no idea what you are asking for :/

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I think your asking how to transfer a saved game from ME1 to ME2.  If that's the case you need to be a little clearer on your questions and not talk like a five year old.

1. Open MassEffect2Config.exe either through the launcher or in your /Mass Effect 2/Binaries folder

2. Click the Save Games tab on the left column of the screen

3. Click Cop Mass Effect 1 Save Games

4. You will be prompted to locate the ME1 save directory. On windows it should be My Documents/BioWar/Mass Effect/Save

5. Click OK and then exit out of the MassEffect2Config.exe

6. You should be good to launch the game with your ME1 saves loaded.