Marvel War Of Heroes referral code: yjc976181 for a free rare card + Tips

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Use referral code yjc976181. It gets you [Chosen One] Jean Grey Rare card, which is a great deck starter. You also get 2000 silver.


Marvel War of Heroes Tips

1. Save your ISO-8s to upgrade your S Rare and above.

2. To upgrade your cards redo the missions from Operation 2. These only cost 1 energy per attack and the cards give you the same boost as cards from higher operations!

3. Do the Daily 100 Gold Card Deal. Discounted for a limited time from 300 gold. 100 gold = $1. You can upgrade your deck quickly and cheaply while this deal is going. You also have a chance of getting a card for an event(like a war or raid) that does more damage.

4. Add team members its a great way to quickly boost your stats.

5. Joining a alliance and recruiting team members is important because there is a two week hold until you can trade, so if you don't join one and start adding friends now it will be difficult to trade and upgrade your deck later.

6. Put all your points in energy till at least lvl 10, then spread them out fairly evenly. Ideally you will be at 60 energy eventually, so you can do missions every hour.

7. Max out all cards S Rare and above in both lvl and master before fusing.

8. Max out at least one out of Mastery or Level, or both before fusing Rare cards.

9. Do not waste your money leveling Uncommon or lower cards. Use these to boost your Rare or above cards.

10. You can level mastery by using cards when battling other players and winning. The stronger the opponent the more mastery points you get. If the opponent is too weak, has less than 1000 card defense you get no mastery points. The other way is while doing missions a card is randomly given mastery points in the amount of the energy cost of the mission (eg. 3 energy for a mission cost is 3 mastery points).

11. If you can get 4 Jean Greys they combine for a U Rare card with 350 Mastery!

12. If you fully master and boost 8 Jean Greys and then fuse, your U Rare will be even more powerful!

13. Ultimate Card Packs CAN give Uncommon cards, this is not a bug, just bad luck.

14. To Change your intro Click Menu located in the bottom left on your screen, then History.

15. Right before you level, make sure you use up your attack power up because it will get refilled once you level.

16. The higher rarity the cards you use to boost with the higher the chance will be to raise your ability level. Upgrade Uncommon cards to Rare and Common cards to Uncommon to increase your ability leveling chance.

17. Not all Common cards and Uncommon cards are worth the same!! They all boost about the same but there are huge differences in the prices you can sell for. Common cards range from 350-950 and Uncommon range from 1000-3000. Sell the ones in the higher range and combine the lower range ones for boosting. This will save you a ton of money in the long run!!

18. If your game is frozen or you can't login, delete the app and reinstall. You won't lose any data since everything is tied to you Mobage login.

19. The best place to get your feeder card for boosting is any Operation 2 mission that has a chance to drop a Uncommon card. Combine the Common cards when doing higher level boosts, for low level boosts, usually sub lvl 25-ish just boost unfused 1 stars. Its not effective to fuse them for boosting until after around lvl 25.

*Card Rarities:

1 Star = Common

2 Star = Uncommon

3 Star = Rare

4 Star = S Rare

5 Star = SS Rare

6 Star = U Rare

7 Star = Legendary


Check wiki for more tips, card info, and help:

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For beginners enter this referral code rpq294138 to get 1 free rare jean grey card helps greatly with defence and attack and can be fused all the way up to ultra rare. Give it a go and have fun.
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Spiderman vs Venom for next event, should be fun big_smile.gif

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Spiderman Vs Venom event. Get your free cards and silver now! :)

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Marvel War of Heroes "Referral Code" wtj825644 use this referral code to get a Rare Jean Gray card and lots of silver
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Use referral code vdz800169 after the tutorial for a rare invisible woman card
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