Marvel War of Heroes Beginners Tips and Referral Code: xuj022048

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For those that are starting out in Marvel War of Heroes make sure you enter a referral code: xuj022048 to get a rare Jean Grey card + 2000 silver. No one explained this to me when starting out and it wasted a lot of silver: ISO 8 cards are used to level/boost up your cards (provides experience which will give about 3 levels). Make sure you SAVE these cards for leveling cards at a later level (use from level 30+)...i won't go into detail as your just starting off but in short it saves you a lot of silver!
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You are actually wasting silver if you use any of the ISO 8 (level and ability boom) cards on anything less than S Rare.

For more useful tips: Marvel WOH Tips

Wiki for card stats: Wiki

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Use this code to get Rare Jean Grey card:


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new code cau17777436 use please thanks
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Jean Grey Card + plenty of silvers use my referral code : gsp768357 thanks
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2000 silver + rare Invisible Woman card - reference code pkc197717