Easy card Mastery (5 points per battle)

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To get Easy Mastery (5 mastery points per card) .. The trick is to attack highlevel accounts with low defense (points or cards) and win. These are the accounts i have been using to date to farm mastery points. Note for new players : A fully mastered card provides stat bonuses and carries the mastery points (and the normal fusion attack & defence bonus) upon fusion. So spend some time attacking these accounts to master your deck early on! you wont regret the mastery bonus you cards will provide! Rule of thumb -> Level higher then you, you win = more mastery. higher level => more mastery. Max mastery points (as i know 5) Badbadhorse Trcoba3 Trcoba4 akubeejays Primo911 Simnar0 natamhanjing jabronii Goma7777 Annmarl Cintax33 Lyn3tte wasueen drimdal bjmufc Spurfan76 AnbuBroski mrtyson632 Lemi28 deathsxwill Orion777 EliWalshe vend1 reyrtq10 diearheaa jumpymcspasm bigpapi11239899 take note the Goma , jumpy & bigpapi have low defense ( only 10) but have a formible deck none the less.