Great sequel to the Sonic Franchise.

When I got Sonic and the Secret Rings, I hadn't played a new Sonic game in ages, so I didn't know how low the Sonic franchise had gone during the GCN generation. But it really lit up on this one, because the single player mode is really fun, and you can run really fast and the story is quite exciting, as you get to work alongside a genie and fight this evil erazor, although the english voice acting is not so great and sounds a lot better in Japanese, everything else for the story works and the cinematics are worth watching. I am really glad I got this game. Don't get it for the multiplayer, though because the mini games are boring and not worth it. It is fun for a little while, but unlocking the characters does not seem very rewarding and the mini games seem like all the other mini game franchises out there for the wii. It has a very good sonic feel to it and it is a great game. I recommend it for any adventure game fan.