MvC3 is definitely fun to play with friends, but most single player aspects of the game are boring, uninspired.

User Rating: 8 | Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds PS3
Yes, I'm aware it's a fighting game. But other than Training Mode to hone your skills, other Offline Modes seem sloppy and pointless to play in my opinion. If collecting points to unlock artwork, bios, etc. is your thing, then you'll like the Offline Modes. Mission Mode would've been cool if it wasn't just executing moves. Arcade is the usual fight set number of fighters then you fight Galactus, who is either really easy or very annoying depending on the characters you use. Versus could've been more useful, usually in most fighting games, you have the option to fight the CPU. Not this time however.

In a nutshell:

The Pros:
- Colorful, clean graphics
- Great sound effects, voice acting and music themes
- Smooth gameplay, online rarely lags (PS3 version)
- Training Mode offers many options to hone your skills
- Gallery offers many unlockables for those that wish to see them

The Cons:
- Single Player modes could be better
- Some characters are undeniably overpowered
- Said characters are already flooding online gameplay (in this reviewer's experience)

Bottom line: Play with friends to get the best experience.