Just Cause 2, a nice alternative to GTA 4 if you bored of it.

I was told this game sucked, but I was bored of the games I have been playing lately. GTA4, Saboteur, and Grid to name a few. This game is a combo of saboteur and gta 4 and then some. I hope more games come out like this. My only problem with the game is the perspective is not quite right. they should have followed gta4's lead with the third person perspective. As far as graphics it is definitely good, but could use alot of improvement like every other game I have played, but i am sure technology has a part in that.

Considering there are still post that people cant run the overrated Crysis game. Look if you can't run the game the ATI has a 4870 or 5770 that is reasonable in cost, and will run anything at or near full resolution at the moment.

I wrote this review on 4.26.10 but i did not see it ion the list so i will repost it. I had an update and discovered this error. LOL.