another great addition to the CoH family i guess it is called now right?

this is anohter great addition to company of heroes. you get 2 new sides to play as. you ge tthe british, whihc havet he crmowell tanks..mobile howitzers, and riflemen that can build trenches and mobile base structures...and then you get the vehicle and blitzkreig focused panzer elite for the germans...

the game will now force you to rethink your strategy...now for those of you who don't have CoH tht is ok..oppsoing fronts is a standalone game..it will install ove rthe original CoH or install byitself if you dont have both....so anohter great one..god job relic games...i mean they have done so well...but there are some problems..i think that the panzer elite units can be weak at some points..the brits are stronger..the game needs some minor balancing..but all and all it makes it more challengin :)