Marvel Ultimate Action!

User Rating: 9 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 PS3
Lets get straight to the point. Ten minutes into the game and its already better then the first one was. This game has as much, maybe even more, action, as the first MUA game had. I started off the game playing it on Heroic (Normal). This dissapointed me as to how EASY beating up everyone was. There is no challenge on Heroic difficulty, so if your looking for a challenge, and not a 2 punch your dead sort of thing, then choose the harder difficulty. There are many things to collect in this game, ranging from simulator disks, upgrades for strength, body, stamina, etc. Once again, you can gain new costumes for your characters. And one of the new features, and most noticeable right off the bat, is the fusions. Your main character and another character on your team, can combine there powers together, and kick even more A$$ (you will know what I mean once you play the game). Gameplay so far is very good, but like I said, Heroic is like playing the game on Very Easy. If you enjoyed the first MUA, then you will most likely enjoy the 2nd one. The graphics are alright, not the best graphics for a PS3 game, but good enough to satisfy you. You may also play this game Co-op with another person beside you, or online. I have not tried it online yet so I have no review for that. Overall, I would say that if you are not a Marvel fan, like I am not, I would rent the game first. If you are a Marvel fan, I doubt you would be reading this review, as you would probably be ji**ing on the television as your Marvel characters beat there way through all the levels in the game. Conclusion, this game is worth a rental for sure! So stop reading this 1-2 minute waste of your time review, and go get the game! :D