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I realize not everyone plays for "experience points" or to max their characters, but it really irks me when I'm in a mission and at the beginning one person runs to the corner and stays put for the entire thing. This player appears to go AFK and seems to be "leeching" exp/tickets/silver because they don't participate in the fighting and the rest of us have completed the mission with them in it. Now I am guilty of doing this at times too if I've got something going on IRL and can't play right away, but this person literally doesn't move during the whole mission. What's even more annoying is sometimes they'll actually run forward with the team as the mission progresses, as if they ARE playing (they'll jump around in circles and stuff,) but won't actually ever hit anything. Worse, these people die frequently. If I see this behavior I'll just quit the mission, but sometimes I'll have to join/restart at least 5 different missions before I finally get a team of players who actually want to play. What is the point of all this? What am I missing here? The mission difficulty increases the more people there are in the mission, so why won't they help to complete it? Argh.