On the basic outlook, this game may seem amazing. But there are those couple mistakes which bring it to a halt.

On the contrary, all this game is, is an expansion for CoD2. There are new chapters, each which are fun, and the same amazing graphics. The weapons are pretty fun, and the game play remains basically the same. It's a nice game, and will give you hours of fun on either multi player, or single player. It's a good buy, so no need to rent first.

But there are still those few things that don't appeal to the eye. I was on a server with my friend the other day, and we decided to test out some "physics". Some good, some bad. We discovered, when driving two vehicles full speed into each other on a long bridge, when the two vehicles made contact, nothing good happened. They bounced a little bit, but there was no exchange of energy. There was no damage done to the vehicles, or to us. There was no violent crash, no nothing.

It was as if I just hit a jump button, and had my vehicle bounce into the air quick. Talk about realistic. Then there comes the objects that come into your face while on a vehicle. Lets say your driving a big, heavy, solid tank. Loaded up with men, ready to take down a whole battalion inside a base. Your driving along, but then suddenly, your tank winds up turning the other direction, and your wondering what is happening. You have become stuck in one of the games crappy physic mistakes. Lets say even the most simple of objects, lightweight, that a cat could move, can halt a tank. Run into a small wooden fence, and you won't make it through. Even a piece of wood placed in the right way on the ground, will stop your vehicle dead in its tracks. It gets annoying, which is why driving vehicles isn't as fun as it could be. As for the guns, not what I expected. The guns don't seem to have that "edge of enhancement" I expected. When I fire off the gun, it doesn't seem to fulfill the energy I craved for while mowing down a soldier. It feels more like your shooting a lightweight machine gun, with no kickback to it, when your really shooting a heavyweight SAW while prone on the ground. It just doesn't cut it for me.