really? REALLY?!

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So I read on wikipedia that the character I loved ultimate alliance 2 for, is non-playable. I get that they are tring to diversify the heroes you can play as, but with Gambit announced as unplayable, I am extremely unhappy. My favorite marvel character is rarely playable =[

Any chance this may change? 

Its just sad. When the news of an MMO marvel game hit, my friends all planned out how cool it would be to team up as our favorites. Looks like another game I have to either pass on, or settle for a hero I couldnt like nearly as much. =/ 

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He won't be on launch but they plan on constantly adding new characters over time so they probably left a couple of the popular ones like that out so they can have some big names when they add people in.
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Add me to the list of people who want gambit. I live in New Orleans and just seeing the fairly accurate scenary from Wolverine Origins made my mouth water for playing Gambit in an MMO.