God of War here I come!

Basically the best God of War out of the three. The high definition quality of the game itself makes it a sight to behold. I like the aspects of the game that allow me to do special moves while destroying my enemies with a swift slice and dice. The difficulty makes it a little bit harder to beat but after a few times trying out the bosses you get the hang of it. Along with the slicing and dicing, the gamer's rendition of the Greek mythological gods is pretty much spot on. The titan scene on mount Olympus gives the player a good sense of what the gods could look like. Especially Poseidon. With all of the added detail to the setting of the scenes, this game provides a full high definition view of the world your in. Even if your not a God of War fan, try this game out and you will see what I mean by amazing. And for those die-hard God of War fans, play this game immediately. You will understand what I mean by amazing.