Mario Tennis Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Play as a left-hander

    Hold L while selecting a character.

  2. Have a handicap

    Hold R while selecting a character.

  3. Change the camera angle in replays

    When a replay is going hit the B button to change the camera angle. You can do this infinite times.

  4. Sending GBC version custom characters to N64

    To unlock the four secret characters (I shall refer to them as Alex, Harry, Nina and Kate) you will need a N64 Transfer Pak and the GBC Mario Tennis. Once you have connected these things to the N64 controller, turn on the N64. Follow the prompts, and you will unlock Alex, Harry, Nina and Kate in 3D! You can earn points for them in their new home, and send the points back to the GBC version to level them up. They can be any of the types (all-around, power, speed, technique, etc.) depending on how you level them up. You may resend the GBC characters as you level them up to improve the N64 characters performance.

  5. Unlock Shy Guy

    Beat Star Cup in singles.

  6. Unlock Donkey Kong Jr.

    Beat the Star Cup in Doubles.

  7. Courts

    Code Effect
    Beat the Mushroom Cup Singles with Mario. Mario & Luigi Court
    Beat the Mushroom Cup in singles with Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Court
    Beat the Star Cup in singles and doubles with Mario Mario Brothers Castle Court
    Beat the Mushroom Cup in singles with Mario. Mario Brothers Court
    Perfectly complete any court with any character in the Piranha Plant Challenge Piranha Plant Court
    Beat all Cups in doubles with Mario. Second Mario Brothers Court
    Beat the Star Cup in doubles using Birdo. Yoshi and Birdo Court
    Beat the Mushroom Cup in singles with Yoshi. Yoshi and Baby Mario Court
    Beat all Cups in doubles with Wario. Wario Brothers Court
  8. Max Difficulty

    Win every cup with everyone (not the GBC characters) in singles and doubles.

  9. Star Tournament

    Beat the game with one person(The Star Cup) and Hold in R when choosing your character to give them a star. When you choose tournament you can play in 3 new cups for that person which are similar to the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups except harder.

  10. Passwords

    Code Effect
    5G3LTQ5GN Nintendo Power WimbleDonkey Kong Cup
    V2UFMPUZM IGN64 Tennis Cup
    ARM6JQARU Blockbuster Cup
    N24K8QN2P Bowser Cup
    MM55MQMMJ DK Cup
    M1C2YQM1W Luigi Cup
    JEP8YQJER Game Informer Fruit Cup: Baby Mario vs. Bowser
    E8ULJRE8M Game Informer Fruit Cup: Mario vs. Boo
    A3W5KQA3C Mario Cup
    48HWOR482 Cup
    J6M9PQJ6U Nintendo Power Cup
    OF9XFQOFR Peach Cup
    LA98JRLAR Waluigi Cup
    UOUFMPUOM Wario Cup

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Mario Tennis Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Transfer N64 Mario Tennis data via Transfer Pak Bowser, Wario, Waluigi
    Defeat Mario in the game Mario
    Defeat Mario/Peach in Doubles in the game Peach
    Earn 60 points in Shooting Star Level 3 Castle Court
    Earn 60 points in Banana Bunch Level 3 Jungle Court
    Earn all medals shown on Clear Status screen Star Court
    Earn 60 points in Target Shot Level 3 Tropics Court
    Defeat all Mario characters in Exhibition mode Warehouse Court
    Talk to kid by lake, say no, then tap A and/or B 150 times Gold Racket
    Talk to kid by lake, say no, then tap A and/or B 100 times Silver Racket
    In Varsity Class, have your spin 5 more than your power Drive Racket
    Transfer from the N64 game Yoshi
    Transfer from the N64 game Bowser

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