Mario sluggers maybe just another sport spin off

User Rating: 8 | Mario Super Sluggers WII
Mario sluggers is a game where you step into the shoes of a mario character
and play baseball sounds simple enough. Once in the mario sluggers world you will be tae back by the eray of colours and the nostaligic background, but don't go thinking this game is all well and good oh'no it has its faults like when its just can't tell if your swinging the bat. Over all mario sluggers is another mario sports title following on from games like mario golf, mario strikers charged and mario power tennis but it is pulled of well.
Think of this game as marmite you love it or you hate it.
The visuals in this game are amazing and the range of abilitys like the
mario fire swing were the bat set's on fire and alights the ball will keep you playing for days. If your looking for some fun and a sport you can enjoy this is for you even if it is not the best game around