Get ready for some baseball, Mario style!

User Rating: 8 | Mario Super Sluggers WII
I know how they say this game is worse and more un fun than the Gamecube version. Wrong! This game is way more awesome than the Gamecube one! Let tell you why.

Storyline- One day, Peach invites you to her new baseball island! Where her and her closest friends can play some good ole' baseball. There are 6 different parts of the Island to play baseball too! Till Bowser arrives and crushes the party..........again! He decides to add his own evil course! Now you have to search the island for all your friends to battle Bowser to the end!

Controls- The controls of the wii remote are just fantastic! The wii remote acts like a baseball bat how you swing it and move it and everything! Then you pitch the baseball, but you have to be tricky to strike out the batter! You can make all kinds of different moves to strike out the batter!

Multiplayer- It is so sweet! You'll play hours with your friends on this awesome multiplayer! There is so many modes and characters to choose from it's like playing real baseball with your friends, except not breaking the house down!

Graphics- There clear, colorful, and bright. There amazing.

Characters- All the characters from old to new Mario games are all here and ready to play some ball!

Overall, this game is really awesome! It's best to play with friends, than alone. If your a fan of baseball or Mario go and buy this now. It is so fun and addicting you'll have a hard time putting it down!