A nice game, but way to short and nothing innovative...

User Rating: 7.3 | Mario Pinball Land GBA
Once again we have a new form of Mario game. Now Mario meets pinball. We have a few nice worlds to explore, some good ideas, but it could and should have been expanded. Is this another star Mario game or just something to dish out until the next big Mario title?

Graphics 9/10
The Graphics are very nice. They are excellent and well use the power of the GBA. However, some of the enemies look a little to 'bit' like and could have been improved. Mario looks good even squashed up and like a pinball and so do all the other characters you'll come across. Overall a pretty good job.

Sound 7/10
The sound tracks that are used are quite nice, but there could have been a few more as they get quite repetitive after a while. Sound effects are good but, some of them just don't quite seem to fit in with what has just happened. For example hitting a koopa with Mario makes the correct sound, it just doesn't seem to fit the environment they are in. However, there are many good sounds and not a bad job in this area.

Gameplay 7/10
Well it really depends. If you're looking for a more traditional style pinball game, this is NOT for you. If you're looking for a change in pinball and something new and inventive then you will like this. You can only lose a ball at the bottom of each area and through one pinball table you'll go through numerous areas all of which if you miss the ball and it falls between the flippers then you return to the previous area rather than lose a life. You also have the ability to use items which adds a nice aspect to the game as well. However, there are only five stages.

Challenge 6/10
Not really a challenging game. There are only five stages in the whole game which take a bit of time and practice to beat, but nothing overly challenging. If you're good you could probably knock of the game after just a few hours of playing!

Rent or Buy?
Rent first and then if you like it go ahead and buy it. It is still fun even if its not that challenging. Its a good game to play if you've been a playing a much more stressing one and need a break.

Replay Value 9/10
Its a pinball game. You hit the pinball, you score points there is a set highscore you need to beat. Need I say more?

Overall 7.3/10
Mario Pinball Land is a nice fun game with great graphics, reasonable sound, fun gameplay and ideas and not too challenging. So overall If you are a Mario fan you'll probably still enjoy the game. If not, I suggest you have a go of it before you buy it.