Filled with hours of insane fun, Mario Party is like a bubble full of excitement, just ready to burst.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Party N64
Mario Party is a party game for the N64. It is the first game in the long continued Mario Party series.

It sets itself as this, you can select whichever character you wish, with your friends or alone, and compete as you collect coins and stars on a large board game structure.

The real meat of the game is the short minigames you must compete in as the game goes on.

Each and every minigame is fun, and addictive. You will find they all have strange but challenging control schemes to them. During the board game challenge, each one is selected by random.

The minigames are divided into 3 categories. 4 player, where all four players compete againest one another. 2 player, where to people team up into 2 teams and compete as such. And 1 player, where one person competes againest the other 3.

If you are playing alone, the game can be fun, but like most party games, it is so much more fun with a group,

One of my deepest problems with the game is that the winner in each board game challenge feels as though they are picked by random, making it confusing how to necessarily win.

Another mode you can select is the always simple minigame mode. This is where you can play which ever game you want to play in particular, which is nice.

Thankfully, there is more that can be unlocked afterwards, which proves the game doesn't rely to heavily on just the minigames themselves.

Simply put, the game is really fun, and anyone willing for a wacky fun party game, should get it.

Please stand by for the scoring portion.

Graphics: 9/10: Actually could've been better. But it is no Superman 64.

Dynamics: 10/10: It is a really fun game when you get down to it. Superb multiplayer, and extra modes to be found.

Characters: 7/10: A limited character selection sorry to say.

Gameplay: 10/10: Hours of addictive minigames. The controls worked nicely as well. No problems.

Difficulty: 9/10: Can be a little too hard sometimes, and at others, to easy.

Overall: 45/50 = 9.5/10 = "AW-SUM!"

Party like a rockstar!