Mario Party is just an overhyped, overrated, piece of crap that should've been buried with all those Atari games.

User Rating: 1.3 | Mario Party N64
This game is a miserable abomination. Here's why in the most simplest form.

Gameplay: You go through a game board playing random meaningless minigames, and trying to get enough coins for a star. Whee.....

Sound: Everyone screams, cries and goes "Yahoo!!". It gets very annoying.

Difficulty: Here is the main problem. No matter how many times you try, if Mario is a computer, easy, normal or hard, HE WILL ALWAYS WIN. If Mario is not a computer, even on easy, the comps will be merciless, and use anything that will disadvantage you. It's a lose-lose situation.

Graphics: The graphics are good for an N64 game, I'll give it that.

Overall, this game is a MUST NOT BUY OR RENT!! In fact, buy it and burn it!