This game has pretty good multiplayer but where it lacks is in the solo mode...

User Rating: 7 | Mario Party N64
This game is fun when your with 4 other people but when playing by yourself you tend to lose intrest. It's just not that fun.There's lots of minigames to play but after a while they tend to get boring. Now im not saying that this game is bad but its better at parties rather than by yourself. The graphics are pretty darn good, same with the sound as well. The minigames can be challenging at times but usually there fairly simple. Theres not much i can say for this review, other than if you like to have a lot of parties buy this game otherwise it's probably not worth your while. There is six characters to chose from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong. Theres also many boards to play on I think theres either 7 or 8 to play and there pretty entertaining as well. Well thanks for reding my short yet to the point review have a good day bye.