After playing Mario Party 3, I appreciate this game more.

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My bro's friend has been bringing his old N64 over and we've played about 6 or 7 games of MP3 in the past three weeks. Still one of my favorites (third favorite to be exact) and the game has some magnificent maps in addition to great mini-games. With that, I realized how much more skill is involved in Mario Party 3 compared to Mario Party 9. In Mario Party 3, you had to really go get it and have your plan set out, survey people's items, watch for action events, pray chance time didn't screw you over, etc. In short, you had to be on top of your game at all times. Even if you were 100% all in, there's those lucky stars that you can get for free sometimes in a pop-up block! A prime Mario Party to say the least.


I enjoy Mario Party 9 BECAUSE it's relaxed. I think it's a good game because it almost forces you to understand that even a strategic genius doesn't have much edge over a competitor when it comes to ending up with the #1 spot. It's that type of game that you can just play with others and have a good time playing for fun. All too often, I get too competitive and forget to savor the moment but with Mario Party 9 that's hard to do. You have to take it easy in Mario Party 9 or else you'll always be irate. It's more of a fun game than it is competition is what I's saying. 


While this game tames the beast within, I still go hard on my opponents. What's good though is that players that wouldn't normally come out victorious have a chance to shine any and every game and that is something I enjoy, but just for this once. Hopefully, MP10 will bring back the intensity but I'm glad some of my friends get the chance to acquire a nearly stress free win against such a monsterous competitor as I. 


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