Mario Is Missing! Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Passwords

    Code Effect
    ZPF*M86 Fight Bowser
    JPF13HT Fight Roy Koopa
  2. Passwords to complete the cities.

    Code Effect
    6GM281 New York becomes completed.
    4GM081 Rome becomes completed.
    0GM481 Sydney becomes completed.
    8GMC81 San Francisco becomes completed.
    RGMW81 Tokyo becomes completed.
    RFMW91 Paris becomes completed.
    RCMWB1 Montreal becomes completed.
    R8MWG1 Moscow becomes completed.
    R0MW71 London becomes completed.
    RHMWQ1 Buenos Aires becomes completed.
    RHNWQ0 Mexico City becomes completed.
    RHQWQ2 Cairo becomes completed.
    RHLWQ6 Nairobi becomes completed.
    RHVWQF Everything becomes completed.
  3. Hidden menu

    On the title screen, when "Search for Mario" and "Continue Search" text is displayed, press L + R + Start + Select on controller 2. This opens a hidden menu where you can select the Castle, a Show Loot option, and a sound test.

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Mario Is Missing! Cheats For NES

  1. Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    RCMWB1 Montreal complete
    R8MWG1 Moscow complete
    R0MW71 London complete
    RHMWQ1 Buenos Aires complete
    RFMW91 Paris complete
    RGMW81 Tokyo complete
    8GMC81 Sydney complete
    0GM481 Sydney complete
    4GM081 Rome complete
    6GM281 New York complete
    RHNWQ0 Mexico City complete
    RHQWQ2 Cairo complete
    RHLWQ6 Nairobi complete
  2. Passwords

    Code Effect
    KFMP91 Level 5
    R8MWGA Level 8
    RHVWQF Super Password
    ZPF*M86 Fight Bowser
    JPF13HT Fight Roy koopa

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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