UFO blends RPG elements with a cracking turn based system to deliver a well paced and highly addictive game

UFO games in the past have usually been fun to play, but absolute murder to figure what is actually going on. Afterlight in this case is no different as there is a distinct lack of a tutorial to really give you any help in figuring out what does what and although the game does suffer for this it’s an interesting ride that you’re taken on.

Interface 7/10

The interface is much smoother and easier to navigate than previous games – making it far simpler to figure out how things work which, to be honest with you is a blessed relief as the other games usually had a lack of focus when it came to menu design. I’m not saying that the new interface is perfect but it’s a lot better now.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics have been greatly improved on previous games – changing from the basic 90’s 3D games to a more polished 21st century look and dare I say it even slightly cartoony. This though is what helps to make this game shine as each weapon and suit of armour that you wear is nicely portrayed by the onscreen characters.

Gameplay 8/10

The overall gameplay of Afterlight is much faster and more fluid than other UFO titles even though it still has the pause and slow buttons to alter game speeds during play. The one thing though that can really bug me is the way the camera can suddenly reposition itself for no apparent reason but after tweaks here and there can be sorted out most of the time. The ground tracking system that shows where your characters are going to go along a set route is also very useful so that you don’t have to worry too much about wondering why one of your guys is suddenly wandering round the wrong way – usually because of a blocked path.

Sound 6/10

The music is okay but not exactly brilliant; I much prefer to just listen to some of my own music while playing because it can get very boring due to it being the class spacey drone music that’s constantly in most sci-fi games. The voice acting though is on a much higher par than the rest of the game lending each character a certain appeal.

Overall 7/10
Overall it’s a good game that is highly addictive even with its myriad of flaws that should keep you going for a good few hours. Although I wouldn’t really recommend it for newcomers to the series, you never know you might enjoy it.