For an arcade game it will give you quite a bit of fun!

User Rating: 8 | Marble Blast Ultra X360
I had been awaiting this arcade game since the Xbox 360 came out. Well finally after a couple of months it finally came out. I started off learning this game and thought it was very easy. Well it turns out it is a lot harder as the levels go on. There are 3 sets of levels. Each set has 20 levels in it. There is easy, intermediate, and expert.

First off the graphics are pretty good. Truly, there is no reason they shouldn't be since there isn't anything that would be too hard. But everything looks very smooth, and crisp.

The gameplay is really fun, but can sometimes be frustrating. Some levels I spent quite a bit of time on. It's really nice since there are a lot of different marbles you can shoose from. A really cool feature is all the power-ups you can get in this game, only bad part is that some you rarely use. Also the online muliplayer is great. It's what makes the game have more re-play value. There are different types of games that you can play which is cool.

The sound in the game is so-so. The sound effects for all the things you do with your marble is good. The music though is pretty annoying. At first it's not so bad, but after some time it can get highly annoying. There is only one song, that repeats on and on. Most of the time I just listen to my own music when playing it, so I don't have to suffer.

Overall this is a great arcade game. It is a little pricey at 800 marketplace points, but is none the less fun.