A war game with plenty of innovative and futuristic technology that provides a rather enjoyable and realistic experience

The Tom Clancy series has done it again with their newest game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.
The game is basically a third person squad shooter set in the near future. All the weaponry and technology in this game is based on actual militive projects and concepts so it provides a realism that is completely genuine and a fictional setting that is practical.
The game's plot is about how in the near future, the 3 countries of North America are ready to create some sort of immigration agreement in Mexico City when rebels opposed to the idea take action and bring terror on the city.
This is where you the player come in, you take up the role of a squad of four soldiers to eliminate this threat.
Because the game is set in the near future, you are provided with futuristic weaponry and technology, like weapons that can shoot around corners and the Crosscom.
The Crosscom is basically a system that uses satelite systems to feed you information of the battlefield through your visor such as enemy status and location, team mate status and location, and a three-dimensional map for strategic purposes.
The game has a very interesting campaign but in my opinion this is merely training for the real challenge: multiplayer
The multipayer for GRAW has its ups and downs but is a very rewarding experience, in fact the online play was where i spent most of my time with this game.
This game is a very enjoyable experience but i only gave it a 9 because although its ups (like the stunning graphics and gameplay) outweigh its downs, it still isnt extremely satisfying in the end unless you have Live, which can turn off a lot of people.