Old but is still fun!

Mario of course is the hit game every body herd of.This is one of the best games ever because it is old but still is fun.I played this game once and it was fun to me.You are of course the silly,short,red hat looking person and you basicley travel through a world on different levels.It may seem stupid but this game is fantastic.You don't know what is next and every turn you make the better the game is.Oh yeah....I think you have to save some one from the catsle or somthing. -Grapics- For once in a life time mario is not bad with or with out a color tv.It still satisfy me a lot.To me i like the black and white for this game. -Sound- Every time i here that mario song on this game it sounds very clear. I say yeah it has bretty good sound. -Gameplay- The gameplay goes smoothley bretty good. P.s this is one of the best games ever.