It tends to get difficult and a little repetitive at times , but overall , a great solid RPG .

Final Fantasy V Advance was my first Final Fantasy ever , and I'll tell ya what i thought about it .

The story puts you in control of a team of warriors , on a mission to save the crystals of fire , water and earth , after the destruction of their wind crystal . The dawn warriors Galuf , Faris , Lenna and Dante :) , set out to find the cause of the destruction of the wind crystal . The story slowly unravels , and you discover that the evil Warlord ExDeath is behind all this , as he is destroying the crystals to break his seal . He wants to take control of the power of the void and cover the world in darkness .

The story unravels very well . There are a lot of plot twists in between , but the dialogues are very VERY corny . The game tries so hard to be funny , but falls flat .

Now gameplay wise , it's just like your usual RPG , just way more complicated . You can assign jobs to each of your characters , customize their armor , weapons , abilites etc . Initially , you get to choose from among 6 jobs , but as you progress , you unlock new jobs . The leveling up can feel really tedious at times , and random frequent battles can really get on your nerves . And the worst part is that your enemies always have a stronger level than you and the amount of hp they have compared to us is madness . And there is no way you can avoid these frequent battles , because this is not pokemon , and you don't have any repels . :P

The visuals are cute , and nothing more . The music , on the other hand , is great . It really goes with the story , and the environments .

The game will take you a while to complete . It took me about 30 hours to finally complete my adventure . But I must admit , this game tends to get somewhat boring and repetitive at times , and you will feel this only because of the sheer volume of random battles you have to encounter , and the pain in the @$$ leveling up chore , to keep up with the steep difficulty increase .

Overall , it's a solid RPG , and it does nothing terribly wrong . it's definately not the best RPG on the GBA , but it's definately worth a try .