Reminiscent of Mario Kart for N64, but way better

Graphics: The graphics are solid. Characters do flips when hit with shells, which looks great. There are no bad spots where the graphics dip in textures. Overall very good.

Sound: Classic Mario Kart music and different music for each course. Well done.

Gameplay: Classic mario kart gameplay. Very easy to pick up and play. Items add a fun variety and mix to the gameplay, which is what I think makes mario kart alot more fun than other racing games.

Value:You will get a lot out of this game. 15+ hours with just single player, if you try to get star on each course and stuff double that. Add on multiplayer and your talking 40+ hours at least on this game.

Tilt: Just the fact that it is Mario and all the cool stuff in this game taken from other mario games( such as the bosses in mission mode) just make this game awesome!