One of the best!

I really liked this game. I liked it so much I managed to buy the Stratagy Book because I s*ck at beating Zelda games. The game was hard at times and I did have my moments where I had to walk away but it was definatly different for a Zelda game. (Impa gained a few pounds from the Nin. 64 games, huh?) I think that this game would have been a very good game if it would have been on a 3d system, like the GameCube. The main reason I didnt like it was because it was for Gameboy and when I get stratagy GB games I tend to get mad and start hitting the game or the system... and thats exactly what I did. When I was on the level (One of the last levels... which made it even more bitter sweet) I must have played it for like a day and I couldnt get it right, it was the one where you have to play the dancing game to get the Key to the dungeon, and once you go that you go into the future/past and do it again to get the other key... I tryed and tryed and tryed and eventually hit my game enough to the point where when I turn it on now the screen goes white. .>
Other then that though I loved the game but I would rather pick OfS because then you wont do what I did on OfA.